About us


ouse ownership is a lifelong aspiration for almost everyone life’s. It’s genuinely exciting, and dreaming moments. Numerous topics, innovations, narratives, ideas, perceptions, and opportunities are converging.

Deepak Gajjar realized how fragmented the interior design consultancy business was and how important it is to find the proper specialists with competitive prices and quality while designing their ideal home. He, therefore, put a lot of effort into getting all the elements of design while offering design consultancy well together in his beautiful creations. His key fundamental concepts in interior design are color psychology, cost-effectiveness, qualitative management, etc.

Our goal is to provide each homemaker with unique, premium, and innovative interior design. Mr. Deepak has a team of like-minded individuals in his team who are capable of designing residential homes with ease using a customer-centric strategy. We have a couple of thousand designs and more than 1000 satisfied clients to demonstrate our craftsmanship. We are an interior design company offering design consultancy for projects involving homes.


Deepak is a visionary and a pioneer in the area of interior design. You never know what he’s going to do next. After his academic experience, he began his job as a design consultant. Since 2000, Deepak has designed more than 3 million square feet of residential space as the founder and CEO of Waves Design. He is a director at Garuda Interiors Pvt Ltd and had a key role in creating Home City, the company’s largest retail location with a 15000 sq ft size and a mastery of interior decoration aspects.

He has more than 20 years of strong professional expertise in interior design in Ahmedabad and has managed various top portfolios.